It can be overwhelming to choose a medical spa. So many choices and so little time!

Most of you get here on the advice of a friend. But we know others arrive from Internet searches, and this post is for you. We want you to help you not only evaluate our services, products, and facilities but also put perspective on your search. Here are a few quick ways to size up a spa to determine which is the best fit for you:

1. Is the website up to date, credible, and useful?

You’ve probably done an Internet search and come up with a long list. When visiting those sites, you’ll know quickly how much care is taken on the look and style. You can look at the list of services and make sure that it covers your interests, location, budget, or any other needs that you might have. If the website isn’t clear on issues such as these, you’ll have to do more research over the phone if you are still interested.

2. What is the style of the spa?

Aesthetics – Is the style corporate, homey, lavish, genteel, welcoming, luxurious, clean, etc.?

Staff – Is the staff qualified and licensed for all treatments and products? Are there in-house specialties in both treatments and products? What sort of training and backgrounds does the staff have? Is there a lot of staff turnover? Is there a medical doctor on staff?

Ownership – Is the owner hands on or hands off? Is it a chain of spas with a corporate attitude or is the owner local and heavily involved in daily operations?

Reputation – Does the spa have reviews online or testimonials or referrals that you can see? Often times, you can discern a reputation from aggregating sites such as Yelp or even Google reviews.

3. What are the offerings?

Rejuvenation – skin health and wellness, high-tech lasers, injectables such as Botox, hair removal, waxing, eyebrow shaping, etc.

Stress Management / Pampering / Healing – massage, tissue therapy, stretching, and others

Products – skincare, cosmetics, medical grade products such as Latisse (prescription-only eyelash enhancer)

Events – parties, seminars, luncheons, promotions

In the end, you’ll have to take inventory of your needs and balance them against location, facilities, staff, and even perhaps price. Here at Kai, we’ll always be happy to show you around our spa and make you comfortable before you commit to anything. We want to make sure that you have a great experience the moment you set foot into our door. Call us or stop in for a free consultation with absolutely no strings attached.