I met Rachael, Sheri and Grace at the Golf Club of GA. Kai – The Medical Spa was a sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Member/Guest tournament. They were offering complimentary chair massages, so I decided to get one. I have had impingements on both rotator cuffs, since a snow skiing accident over 25 yrs ago. Needless to say, I was shocked that the pain went away after the 10 mins of massage from Rachael. I was ecstatic! I told all of the golfers and my golf game was much better too. I only wish that I lived here locally, so that I can visit Rachael regularly.

-Ron Steinmann, Long Island, NY

“The Fantasy Tan is the answer to a prayer for brides. Having used other types of spray tans in the past that I wasn’t satisfied with, I, of course, was a little skeptical about testing this out just days before my own wedding. Since I’ve been a client at Kai for more than two years, I trusted their team to give me the natural glow that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own—in or out of the sun. If you’re fair like me, and can’t seem to find the time to bask in the sun before your wedding, the Fantasy Tan is an easy, quick and affordable solution—a must do on your wedding checklist.”

-Andrea Mickelson

Hi Cari!

Per our conversation yesterday regarding Fraxel results, I would have
to say I noticed immediately after my first treatment, the noticeable difference
in the improvement of lines around my eyes. That was VERY impressive!

See you soon!

I have been a client at Kai at the Johns Creek location since
its opening. The skin care I have received from Kelly is always customized
to my particular needs. I have experienced other spas in my travels to
resorts all over and no true facial has compared to that which Kelly
provides. It is because of her extensive skin care knowledge and her
ability to tailor the treatment to the needs of the customer that I decided
to ask Kelly about laser-hair removal. The process and technique used at
Kai was perfect for me – painless and quick with almost no downtime. I
have recommended it to anyone who will listen. It is truly one of the best
gifts I have ever given myself. I love the combination of treatments I
receive from Kai and the quality and care Kelly shows for her clients.

-Pamela / Johns Creek Customer
There are two things I absolutely love at kai. From a procedure point of view, the Fraxel has produced the most effective results I have seen. I have struggled with acne a large portion of my life, which had left some scarring behind. Yes, I said HAD just after two months of my first Fraxel treatment all the scarring on my right cheek was gone!

From a product stand point, after two day of use of the TNS essential serum, I received four compliments on my skin. I ended up buying one for my mom. The first morning she used it she text me later that day with, “Is it possible to see results after just one use?” This is a must buy!
-cari griffin
medical esthetician @ kai sandy springs

“I have had two Fraxel treatments and the results are amazing! I no longer have acne scarring, it helped my fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and the collagen production has firmed my face and neck.”
-cathy dignan
I have been client of kai for the past four years prior to joining the management team in April, 2009. My first visit was just after my 40th birthday and my skin was definitely starting to say “I’m 40”. I had sun damage & melasma due to years of unprotected sunbathing & birth control pills. The fine lines around my eyes were now officially “crow’s feet”. Cari, the Medical Esthetician at the Sandy Springs location, gave me an in-depth consultation and we developed a skin-care plan of action to address my concerns. I started having regular facials/microdermabrasions and began an Obagi skin-care regimen at home. I started seeing results immediately. My skin was smoother & more hydrated reducing the fine lines around my eyes. Within a couple of months, the brown spots from sun damage & melasma began to fade. I was truly impressed and totally hooked on kai! And after four years of great service from the experts at kai and taking good care of my skin at home every day, I can honestly say I do NOT look forty anymore. And I don’t plan to any time soon!
-sheri ross
director of operations @ kai

I am the lead medical esthetician at kai – the medical spa in Johns Creek. I have had problems with my left wrist for years. I’d had a previous injury to the area and have had issues since. In my profession, your hands are your livelihood and dealing with pain and swelling on a daily basis was getting to be a problem. I spoke to our acupuncturist, Mark Schwartz about my wrist and all the problems it had been giving me. He suggested I have a session with him to try to alleviate the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I had an hour session, which he focused on my wrist and also some relaxation. I got off the table and literally felt like I was floating…I couldn’t even feel my wrist!!! Over the next few weeks, my wrist started to feel better and better, swelling was subsiding and the pain was virtually gone. I am now about 3 months post treatment and have absolutely no problems with my wrist…no pain…no swelling…amazing!!!

-kelly rhyan
medical esthetician @ kai johns creek

About 8 years ago, I developed a small dark spot on my cheek. After years of sun exposure, the spot became more prominent. As an Esthetician I have tried many different products and treatments. Since working at kai – the medical spa, I have finally found the right combination of services and products that have worked for me. With only 2 treatments of our intense pulsed light (IPL) and regular use of our Obagi skin care, the pigmented lesion has faded significantly. Now with continued treatment and regular use of my sunscreen, I am confident my skin will ”wedding ready” by March.
-sonya crete
medical esthetician @ kai johns creek